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2023 Megan Piercey Central Open Results

Congratulations to all the participants that joined us in Gander for the Megan Piercey Central Open!

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Everyone pitched in to help make the tournament a success, especially after the rain on Saturday and Sunday.

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Congratulations to our winners in each of our main series categories:

  • Men's Singles: Declan Walsh with a 7-6, 6-3 victory over Dennis Keaveney
  • Women's Singles: Shangavi Loganathan with a 3-6, 6-4, 7-6 victory over Lisa Cook
  • Men's Doubles: Declan Walsh / Alistair Bath with a 6-2, 3-6, 11-9 victory over Steve Adams / Miguel Nassif
  • Women's Doubles: Lina Bouziane / Emily Godec with a 6-4, 6-2 victory over Joy Henein / Shangavi Loganathan
  • Mixed Doubles: Lisa Cook / Jerry Hoyles with a 6-1, 6-1 victory over Colette Phillips / Alistair Bath
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(Photo from the Mount Pearl Open)


And our consolation winners and other category winners:

  • Men's Consolation Singles: Matthew Huxter with a 8-4 victory over Brett Hoyles
  • Women's Singles: Jennifer Dyer with a 8-3 victory over Jody Cooper
  • Men's Doubles: Jonathan Clarke / Aubrey Sanders with a 8-4 victory over Doug Nevin / Pat Redmond
  • Mixed Doubles: Karen Nevin / Doug Nevin with a 8-5 victory over Jody Cooper / Mathew Brake
  • Women Under 20 Singles: Mya Jane Kelly with a 8-5 victory over Joy Henein.
  • Boys Under 18 Singles: Damon Pitts with a 8-2 victory over Albert Matthews
  • Girls Under 18 Singles: Lina Bouziane with a 8-1 victory over Mya Jane Kelly
  • Men's Over 45 Singles: Aubrey Sanders with a 8-6 victory over Alistair Bath
  • Women's Over 45 Singles: Lisa Cook with a 8-0 victory over Krista Blundell

Here are some more photos from the event:

367499213_2718902951582115_8623821896021739099_n_sm.jpg (94 KB) 367499850_309517778102729_1001384298523186528_n_sm.jpg (122 KB) 367504711_626371246252309_7948175510210001238_n_sm.jpg (167 KB) 367529283_317314824097171_8519477822360624343_n_sm.jpg (121 KB)
367582922_686217433322512_4814286657150318836_n_sm.jpg (92 KB) 367700900_677312407627670_9125826002511473383_n_sm.jpg (73 KB) PXL_20230818_175419040_sm.jpg (116 KB) PXL_20230819_014045294.MP_sm.jpg (131 KB)

All participants earned points towards the TNL Open Series championship which will be awarded at the end of the season.  You can learn more about the point system and prize money on our information page.  You can see a snap shot of the current leaders on our rankings page.

Rankings Update

Big movers after the Megan Piercey Central Open include Declan Walsh edging ahead of Dennis Keaveney with his Men's Singles victory.  Breaking into the top 5 for Men's Singles was also Szymon Pietrzyk with his semi-final performance.  Despite her final loss, Lisa Cook moves into first place with a 14 point edge over Emily Godec in Women's Singles.  Shangavi Loganathan with her singles victory and Lina Bouziane join the top 5 women in singles as well.  Alistair Bath cements his large lead in Men's Combined Doubles with a men's doubles win and a mixed doubles finals loss.  Alistair has a 176 point lead over current runner up Declan WalshLisa Cook jumps into top spot in Women's Combined Doubles with her wins in Mixed doubles.  Emily Godec moves into third place with her victory in Women's Doubles and Shangavi Loganathan rounds out the top 5 with solid women's doubles and mixed doubles performances.

On the club front, Gander has moved into second place with a strong showing at the Megan Piercey Central Open, edging 20 points ahead of Mount Pearl.  The St. John's Tennis Association continues to lead, with Corner Brook and Grand Falls clubs picking up points in this event as well.

Next Up

The final tournament in the series is the Tommy Williams Provincial Championships.  Watch the website for registration information, or signup for our newsletter to stay in the know about events that are taking place in the province!

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